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To reserve a limousine, you need to provide the details of your event. This information will allow us to create a contract, which you will be required to sign, date, and return along with a deposit.

How do I reserve a limousine?

We require a deposit of $100.00 or 25% of the total rental fee; whichever is greater, which is payable with a signed contract. You may pay by check, credit card (we accept all major credit cards), or cash.

How do I pay for your limo services?

No, smoking is not allowed in any of our limousines.

Are we allowed to smoke in the limo?

If you are of legal drinking age, you are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in our limousines. We ask that you bring these beverages in a small cooler (not styrofoam). We supply ice, glasses, and napkins.

Is drinking alcoholic beverages allowed in your limousines?

No, it is not. Our drivers are professional, dedicated, and deserve the customary gratuity of 20% of the total rental fee. You may want to provide the gratuity at the beginning of your event, so it is not forgotten when the service is completed.

Is the driver's gratuity included in the rental fee?


Answers to frequently asked questions

At Luxxe Limousine, we want to make the reservation process as simple and as smooth as possible. Check out answers to the questions that we are most commonly asked below, and then contact us to make your reservation.

3 hours.

What is the minimum hourly rental period?

A child is a passenger, and it is illegal and a safety issue to have more than the number of passengers a limousine is legally licensed to transport.

If a child sits on a lap, can the limousine still hold 6 or 10 other passengers?

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